Saturday, October 30, 2010

Couple o' New Felt Critters

I've been in a very 'meh' kinda creative funk for the last few months ... not fun ... but the last couple of weeks I've been getting a bit of groove back. Here's to kicking the 'meh' outta of life and injecting a bit more "heh"!

These needle felted monsters were very fun to make. As long as I amuse at least myself that's enough for now!

The blue guy below ("Bradley") has wire inserted into the arms and legs for hours of poseable pleasure! And I haven't shown you his backside because he appears to be wearing a modified pink mankini and I'm not sure if ya'll really need to see that.

Bradley doing the robot and relaxing.

Some random green googly dude with no name (how sad!). Stripes inspired by Tim Burton!

More stripy critters on the way ... I bought all 20kg of the "Art of Tim Burton" from ACMI and it has brought a bit of giggling childish inspiration into da house!