Wednesday, July 14, 2010


When in doubt, draw yourself (bonus points for animal costumes!).

Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop

I think I lost the joy of drawing for a while there. When will I learn that everything doesn't need to be perfect?
With my current contract ending at the end of next week, I'm feeling a little anxious but also a little excited (and quite possibly needing to pee).

Also, my first trip to Japan is less around 8 weeks away :) Muy emocionada!!!


Kelley said...

This is really adorable. Love the texture and the expression on her little face.

messyfish said...

Cute! And yeah you are going to japan! Hubby toddle and I are going feb! Have a great time. Hope you blog about it!

Jo Fong said...

Thanks guys!

I hope you have an awesome time in Japan too, I can't WAIT! Itchy feet, itchy feet ...

I'm going to try and fill a whole sketchbook in just under 3 weeks over there so hopefully lots of material to work with when I come back!