Friday, July 16, 2010

Latin Football 101

Quickie quickie today as I got back at 10:30pm after catching the friendly football (NOT "footy" Aussie readers) match between Melbourne Victory and Argentina's Boca Juniors.
As an *EXTRA* bonus (cos I love youse all), I will also give you a quick lesson in South American Football.

To make sense of this drawing, you must understand these factoids three:

  1. Boca Juniors and another team called River Plate are the two most popular football teams in Argentina (according to this, Boca commands the loyalty of 40% of Argentine football fans and River Plate 32%).
  2. These two teams have the biggest rivalry like EVER and anytime they meet in a super duper grudge match, it is called a "Superclásico".
  3. There was a group of around 20 'youths' attending the match tonight all wearing River jerseys and yet were cheering on Boca with extreme gusto.
Flash and Photoshop
There were quite a few shouts of "Estan en el partido equivocado!" throughout the match! ("You are at the wrong game!!!")