Sunday, August 30, 2009

Felt Fortune Cookies

I discovered it was not purely my lack of sewing prowess that resulted in a disastrous first attempt at these fortune cookies - it was more my lack of ability to cut out a perfect circle with blunt scissors! A cheap circle cutter later and I'm VERY happy with my next three attempts! :D

Felt and thread

However, I am very wary of embroidering tiny English fortunes on the slips ...


mchen said...

These are frikkin' adorable. Isn't it amazing the difference having the right tool is??? :) I can't begin to imagine the work that will go into embroidering the fortunes themselves though... I hope you figure out a way to do it without getting hand cramps!

I got a fortune cookie recently that read "You like Chinese food." Ha!

ChallenCharms said...

How cute!