Friday, July 24, 2009

Moly X Portrait 3 - Sherri's Moly

(I've had a headache since yesterday so my mind's a little fuzzy ... can't think straight so can't think what to type!!!)

Got off me butt this week and finished another Moly X Portait 3 entry after having Sherri's book for a few solid months ...
Her theme is pencil and pixels so I made a little 8-bit Sherri and made myself up in pencil. I'm not wearing my glasses here as I'm not supposed to wear them for 'close up' stuff like reading and computer work hence the slight squinting as well.
And not to advertise but once you go Wacom, you can never go back (at least not me!)

Click image to enlarge

And the digital Sherri:

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Totoro vs. Bender

Finally got around to making "O" Totoro but he looks more like Bender than Totoro! I modelled him the same as Chibi Totoro but it hasn't worked quite as well on a larger scale ...

I have since straightened up his smile but his whiskers are giving me all sorts of bother. Anyone with good tips for adding stiff black whiskers to a needle felted creature? :(

He's still very huggable tho' :D

I'm also desperately missing Bruce ... think I'll make a horde of them in coming weeks ...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Desperately Seeking Sewing Prowess

Some other felt things I've been working on on/off recently. Finished a batch of 6 "macaro(o)ns" at a mate's request and also a couple of 'cakes'. Although my stitches are uneven, I do pride myself that I now know a whole FIVE different stitches!

I'm pretty tempted to buy a whole lot of felt off an eBay seller I've been eyeing off now that I know my sewing skills are not a total loss. Plus I still have 200g (maybe 198g after these felt foodies) of polyfil to use up ...