Monday, June 29, 2009

The Very Huggable Bruce

My Spanish teacher (as in I am taking Spanish lessons, she is actually Mexican!) is going to hospital next week so I made this little guy to cheer her up. I gave it to her tonight and I think she liked him! I made his hands extra big for extra hugs. She's not going for anything serious but she's a really entertaining and great teacher so I just wanted to give her something anyways.

Needlefelted Wool and Steel Wire

I finally managed to successfully use steel wire to make his arms posable (I've had some poor attempts at getting the wool to 'stick' to the wire) so I'm pretty chuffed with that ;) Especially since I bought about 20m of wire from the bead shop way back when ...


mchen said...

Awww... I love Bruce! Oh wait, I think that's "Amo a Bruce", right? ;) I hope your teacher feels better soon. Great for you for taking up another language, and also for doing something so thoughtful. Nice!