Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Different Kind of Felting

For my birthday, my extremely cool and talented friends Kat (check out her amazing architectural photos here: www.adarkroom.com) and Matt gave me a book of felt patterns purely of sweets (cakes, cookies and chocolates!) and despite my poor sewing skills, all the photos looked too good not to try out! So after a quick trip to Lincraft for polyfil, embroidery thread and some felt sheets (they don't have a huge range of colours though, mostly very bright, bold ones), I put my neanderthalic sewing skills to the test.

'Rustic' edges are the new 'smooth'

First up, I tried what I thought was the simplest pattern in the book: macarons. They only required 2 different kinds of stitching (prior to this, I didn't know there was more than one kind of stitch ...) so I thought "No Problem!" Plus they looked sooooooooo cute in the photos.
However ... mine ended up looking like burgers and not the cute puffy cookies in the photos. Cutting circles with scissors is HARD people!!!
After 2 disastrous macaron attempts, I then tried to make a fortune cookie (a special request inscribed by the gift givers onto the front page of the book, I LOVE book inscriptions! :D) which also looked easy on the pattern but took me a good 30 minutes to figure out what the instructions meant! No matter how hard I tried, I could not get the stitches to disappear from the cookie's 'bumcrack'.

Left: Sir Oinksalot II contemplates My First Macaron. Right: Bad photo of bad cookie!

Despite these disasters, I am not all too discouraged (not MUCH anyways). I mean what home is complete without an assortment of felt cakes and petit fours? Not mine, that's for sure!

Lesson of the day: keep on trucking people!

On a side note, we have found an apartment that we really like ... in the building right next to our current one! It is one bedroom but has an extra 'study' area which I am hoping to turn into a dedicated 'mess-making' area for all the crafty, painty stuff that we plan to make. Very excited about decorating esp. about the imminent trip to IKEA!!!


mchen said...

Aw, these are great! Macaron = hamburger, now THAT's great math :) Stitches in the bumcrack comment made me wince a little — you did a great job though... Keep on truckin' indeed. Fun fun fun! Looking forward to seeing the felt duck confit.

Happy belated :)

Jo Fong said...

Thank you! Hmmm ... felt duck confit ... I'm sticking to the cakes and cookies for now! :)