Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Accessorize Dahlings

Hair and accessories all accounted for! It was really fun trying to come up with absurd hair for all of them.
The bears are now tagged and packed, ready for pickup, it will be a sad goodbye. These are my favourites of the final 10 (whoever said parents don't have favourites are delusional).

This one is my absolute favourite which I named Randy Warhol.

These two look like they could really do with a big hug and some hot cocoa.

And these two are my top picks for best hairstyles in Bearland!

As much as I love these guys ... no more bears for a while ...


messyfish said...

these bears are just great! I love the yellow one best! Do you needle felt the limbs in place? I have seen instructions for sewing them in place, but it looks so complicated, I would refer to needle felt them if and when I ever advance to dolls/bears

Jo Fong said...

yes I made all the limbs without felting the end to be attached (leaving them all fuzzy) so then I could needle felt them into the body. To cover up the join, I used a little bit more wool over the top once the limb was secure poked! The heads were a bit fiddly to poke into place though. I hope that makes sense!

I actually want to try the threading version as that would make the limbs moveable but like you, I haven't quite figured out the instructions for that yet!