Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Postcrossing #6 (aka Don't Draw Mad)

Not my best efforts by any standards *sigh*
But I'd just wasted a couple of hours watching a terrible TERRIBLE movie called 'Rise' with Lucy Liu and was feeling rather grumpy.
I like Lucy Liu. We had a voucher to get 6 weekly DVD rentals for $5. But a vampire movie with no fangs? Ripped. Off. Cameo by Nick Lachey? Triple whammy.

This one goes out to a woman in Finland who likes Harry Potter!
I'm going to my happy place now ...

Pitt Pens and Acrylic

The absolute eBay bargain of the month arrived in the mail today: 10 Faber Castell Pitt pens for $20AUD (inc. postage!!!). 7 of these pens are brush pens which is mainly why I bought them as I wanted to try them out but even the fineliners are totally awesome, blacker than any pigment marker I've used. Sorry scratchy Mr Staedtler but you will no longer be allowed to grace my presence.
Will give them a proper tryout tomorrow when I am less grumpy!


ana said...

I think it looks cute, and I admire you for the effort you put in your postcards! Well done :)