Friday, April 24, 2009

It's A Bear Factory

Blargh!!! Too many days without blogging! This daily blogging is not going well at all. My excuses this week are:
* I GOT A REAL JOB!!! 'Real' as in a job for love, not the money (DEFINITELY not the money ...) Drawing backgrounds and characters for a children's cartoon. Although actually, it doesn't start til June 15th so err ... perhaps it's not an excuse for not blogging but I decided a few lazy days were on the cards after this great news.
* We're aparment hunting >:o( My #2 most hated activity (#1 is jobhunting ...). I hate that real estate agents can rock up whenever the hell they feel like it cos there's not a DAMNED thing you can do about it because you will be homeless soon.
* I've turned into a one girl bear factory. All those hours at my old data entry job have stood me in good steed as I haven't reached my needle felting threshold ... YET ...

Our coffee/dining table is now Bearoland! Also, I bought $44 worth of wool yesterday and discovered they now have a grey (of sorts) so Medium Totoro will have his bigger counterpart as soon as these bears are finished :D

And as a pre-emptive strike, my excuses for next week are: I will be in Sydney for my father's grandest birthday thus far: 60!


messyfish said...

where do you get your wool? I bought myn at winterwood toys. VERY nice, but VERY expensive, but maybe this is normal?

Jo Fong said...

I get mine from the Yarn Barn in Coburg. They only have merino which I've read is harder to felt (takes longer as it is finer) but it's the only wool I've ever used so it doesn't make much difference to me! It's $6/100g regardless of colour (including white)