Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Totoro and Sir Oinksalot

A productive/painful day in Jo's Felting World (aka the couch). I think it's a rite of passage for artists and artisans of all things cute to do their own renditions of Totoro in whatever medium they are working in and today it was just my time.
Sir Oinksalot will be in the Etsy shop soon enough but Medium Totoro (I can't find any grey felting wool in Melbourne!!!) stays with me! (And would probably infringe all sorts of copyright if I try to sell him anyway!)

I love the Sir's pompous little scarf! Squeee!!!!


messyfish said...

your comments are working again! I wanted to leave a note saying how amazing and cute these little felt guys are. I find it strange that you are in digital media, but use felt too. Almost the opposite mediums. (strange, but I do the the same....but I KNOW that i am strange hee hee hee)