Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dessert Sketches

I really like food (especially if it's pretty ... and more often even if it's not ;D) and I really want to draw more so tonight I'm killing two birds in one dark inky stroke. Loving susunrudat's Flickr stream right now hence the style of sketch albeit a bit (lot?) looser.
I also made a few little hardcover books covered in cute fabric to sell in my Etsy shop but haven't got the binding process JUST right yet so there's a few spare blank books lying around the flat. The fabric of this particular one really made me want to draw food in it so that's just what I started to do today!

Dodgy Rollerball pen and Photoshop colour.


messyfish said...

oh and cakes as well. Its getting a little spooky how similar we are....eeeek (or, "great minds think alike")