Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Postcrossing Debut

I joined Postcrossing about a month ago but hadn't gotten around to posting any cards yet! How naughty ... mostly because I wanted to handmake the cards and, using some information from the recipients' profiles, include something tailored to their interests/likes. This process for me entails bountiless amounts of proscrastination ...
BUT (finally) here are my first 2 Postcrossing cards EVER!
The left one is going to a guy in USA who likes cute animals and the one on the right is going to a woman in Finland who likes to know something about where you live.

Pigment markers on card

After I made these I trawled the Postcrossing forum on Flickr and discovered a lot of people being negative towards 'handmade' postcards ... uh oh ... but I will continue to handmake all mine and hopefully everyone who receives them will be okay with that ...


Marie Reed said...

I think that handmade is wonderful! It takes a lot more talent and love to send one of those!