Tuesday, December 2, 2008

People Exercises

Inspired by Danny Roberts' Character Sketchbook, I've decided to copy in the same vein and see if there's any improvement after 100 (or 200 or 300!!!) of these. I've been using photos from random fashion sites as references. I REALLY like #2. The other 2 are definitely examples of how far I have to go.

Sorry for horrible photos and my manky finger but my scanner can't handle fat books. I bought this particular ginormous blank hardcovered at Borders some years ago all inspired to fill it with a billion fantastic and perfect images (ha!) but quickly discovered it didn't take too well to anything remotely wet, everything bleeds through like crazy. So since it's not really good for much, I've decided to use it for these exercises which will also stop me from being so precious over my work.

Also, I'm partly inspired by this awesome fluoro 4-colour (purple, green, pink, blue) ballpoint I bought one day for no particular reason and have been trying to find a use for it - crazy Japanese fashion? Perfecto!

Click image to enlarge
Exp Fine Black Rollerball, Papermate 4Ball Fluoro Ballpoint and Derwent Studio Colour Pencils


Igor+andré said...

looks great!