Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Urban Sketch and some Guy

Really want to get into everyday drawing and lose my fear of sketching in the great outdoors. Going on a 2 week xmas trip to Sydney to visit the parentals so will take my sketchbook along for the ride!

The left image is Albert Park where Juan plays football (or soccer to be 'stralian) most Sunday mornings and the right is another random guy culled from fashion blogs. I love the work of Laura Lane which inspires me to pay more attention to rendering fabric and other textures. I'm gonna try and slow down with these photo-reference drawings rather than trying to 'complete' them as if it were a race. This way I will be working on my speed and perception outdoors and my rendering indoors! Well, sounds good in theory ;)

Click image to enlarge
Ink, watercolour.
(The guy's not really that skewed, the photo is taken not directly front on oops)