Monday, November 17, 2008

Postcard Swap

After the bookswap fell through I joined a postcard swap! Much less time/commitment involved hehe
Here are the ones I've received so far (just waiting on one more!):

(Click image to enlarge)
Top row: Judy Beck Lobos and Libbi Corson
Bottom row: Kelly Anderson-Radcliff and Janet Burns

I'm totally gonna steal Judy's idea of ink splotch people. Looks fun and addictive and a great source of mischief! And I love the variety of colours in Kelly's pumpkins ... mmm pumpkins ... I wish Australia had a larger variety of pumpkins readily available. I would say the same for potatoes but I recently found a great potato vendor at the Queen Victoria Markets who even has a chart of the different kinds of potatoes he sells (about 15 different kinds on a good day). He is my new best friend :D

... But back to the postcards: here are mine all ready to go! Will post the actual cards on the blog once they have been received so as not to ruin any surprises ;-)
It's so nice getting snail mail that is not bills or electoral propaganda.

Thanks for the postcards girls! xx


Judybec said...

Jo, it's a great honor to have you "steal" my idea! Actually, I learned about this from someone else-- just be careful!!!! --the splotch people turn up EVERYWHERE! : 0
I'm looking forward to a card from you!!