Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Skyline ACEOs in Shop

Made a set of black and white cityscapes - New York, London, Sydney - for the shop using some recently purchased pigment markers (my new best friends!). I was going to do Melbourne but couldn't find a nice photo of the skyline so reverted back to good ole Sydneytown.

I also received the box of 24 Derwent watercolours from eBay I've been waiting 3 weeks for (grrrrrr) and am experimenting with them joyfully! All the benefits of watercolour without all the tubs and tins and cleaning up and over squeezing paint onto the palette, it's a win-win for me as I have never been the greatest painter (colour mixing is just not in my bones). Be assured these experiments will most likely make an appearance in the shop soon :o)

All cards below are available for purchase individually at

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