Saturday, November 22, 2008

EDM (Day 95) #10 & #11

Not too much to say except that I skipped #9 for now as 'organised chaos' intimidates me and my apartment is strangely neat and clean right now.

These were fast (10-15 minutes each), I just really wanted to get some 'real' sketching done. Once the next two CRAZY weeks are over (2 deadlines!) I want to start sketching outdoors despite being equal parts afraid and annoyed with the idea of people bothering me while I am drawing.
Also, I love my watercolour pencils. So mess free! (that's if you discount the errant purple dot underneath the glasses)

EDM#10 - Hands
Juan was watching "I, Robot" quite comfortably on the couch so I thought I would draw his pretty hands all folded together. But NO! A few seconds after I started the drawing he started playing with his Nintendo DS (that he won at the Out of Controller exhibition :D). So rather than tearing my hair out I kept drawing. Which explains the weird fingers coming out of the DS screen.

EDM#11 - Eye glasses
I've had glasses for a bit over a year now. Karma totally strikes back cos I used to make fun of my dad when he ate a bowl of noodles and they steamed up and he'd be pretty blind. I thought it was hilarious at the time. Now ... not so much ... they also fog up when I open the oven door without turning the fan off first.
Other than that, I really like them. I actually think I look rather strange without them now although they sort of take over if I try and wear eye makeup (which is very rarely anyway).
And of course, they are purple.

Bic biro (fine) and Derwent Watercolour pencils.


Nature and Me said...

Superb work on the glass sketch.