Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bookswap Book

I just joined an art book swap via the EDM group and finished making my book last night :) I haven't made a book in about 5 years so this didn't turn out too badly even though I skimped on the covers and covering (the brown paper was wrapped around my watercolour paper by the art shop woman). Very primary school looking ... The next book I make I'll do it properly ... I discovered a REALLY awesome paper/bookbinding store a couple of months back when my Sydney friends were in town: Zetta Florence *drool*

In the back we are to put an envelop for people to stick in random ephemera from their town (3 Aussies and 4 Americans are in the swap at this point) so to continue the theme I used more of that brown wrapping paper :) Waste not ...

Not quite as pretty and professional as Jen's but hopefully will be functional enough to be mailed 7 times ...

(Click image to enlarge)


jen hook said...

Hi Jo,
I think your book looks lovely!
I look forward to working in it!