Monday, September 22, 2008

People Exercises

More people and bits of people culled from fashion blogs. The last one I did in Biro instead of ink but I think I like the BLACK black of ink better. I also tried not to cut the feet off by starting from the bottom but ended up monging up her head. C'est la vie! And the third one is Erin Wasson so the bobble-head is not my mistake, that's actually what she looks like (... is that getting personal? Fine, she doesn't look like that and she is very original and creative as well okay?).

I have a very short attention span and already find myself getting bored doing these. But I want to gain some patience and discipline so I'll stick with doing these for a while (or at least until I finish this sketchbook! only 10 or so pages left HA!).

(Click image to enlarge)
Pencil, Bic Biro, Black Rollerball and Derwent Studios.