Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Out of Controller Exhibition

(Click images to enlarge)

Was the Out of Controller exhibition opening at FAD Gallery last night! Was VERY hot and the quality of the works was a little 50/50 but it was a bit of a kick to see an image of mine framed and on a wall! My illustration is priced at $600 (!!!) so if anyone is in Melbourne and wants to help me make up the cost of framing and entry I would be very grateful hahaha ... no ... really ...

Juan's piece won 3rd Prize!!! Therefore we now have a Nintendo DS in da house!!! Oh yeah! It came with all the accessories as well including the Mario lunch box travel pack and a total of 8 styluses. Go Juan!!!

And as a final hurrah, we also won a Mario kite as a door prize which is awesome as I've never flown a kite before and it's high time I think I did ... now just to find some wind.

Exhibition info (Juan's and my names are in the 2nd column :). My piece amongst the others (Bottom centre with a big head in front of it). Juan's piece among others (top right).

Me and my illustration. Me and Yoshi :). Juan and LOADS of swag hahaha.

Until the next competition!!!