Friday, September 19, 2008

Fashion-y Peoples

I hate drawing real people. And as I said before, I hate making messes of my sketchbook pages. What to do but tackle both of these complexes with one stone???

Right now I'm in love with the work of Igor+Andre, a super talented illustrator (who is like 4 years younger than me!!! ARGH!!!) from across the Pacific.
Taking a cue from his fashion obsession, I'm doing quick(ish) sketches of people culled from random fashion blogs I stumbled across when I was getting paid to surf the internet. Each of these images I sketched out in pencil, then added ink and then coloured over in Derwents. Overall the process seems to take about 40 minutes at A5 size (the scribbles in the top left corners are my nerd calculations), I can't seem to do it any faster than that even though I'm trying to work as loose as I can.

Below are my first three experiments. I feel this style (loose, dynamic, slightly messy) with a little more refinement is more representative of MY style which I'm still trying to figure out. Illustrators are more marketable if they can be easily categorised yes? But then I like cutesy, pretty, silly, cartoony stuff too hmmm ...

From the left:
Experiment #1: Facial disaster! Rather overzealous with the pen ...
Experiment #2: My fav of this bunch.
Experiment #3: What? A man? With a pinhead? You jest!

(Click image to enlarge)
HB Pencil, Black Rollerball, Derwent Studio Pencils.

Well as long as no more turn out like the first axe murderer/cannibal I think I could grow to like this enough to make it a regular drawing exercise.