Saturday, August 16, 2008

Out of Controller

Had to pull an all-nighter on Thursday night to get this ready for submission for Friday!
A trek and a half to get to the submission place (after paying for a $50 A1 print that turned out too dark :( Are you allowed to ask for a free reprint? Can you get free test prints?) in the industrial area of Bayswater (1 hour by train, 30 mins walk from train station ... and that was ONE way ...) but it was all worth it ... if either Juan or I win the $2000 hahaha. And an extra Wii ...

All in all I was pretty happy with it. Turned out looking pretty much like I had envisioned. I think. And it was my first 'proper' illustration that involved stages of process instead of just doodling. Yay me!

Comp details here. Exhibition starts at FAD Gallery on September 10th so check it out if you are in Melbourne (and buy my print!) :D

Click on image to enlarge. Seriously.