Saturday, August 23, 2008

EDM (Day 4) - #2-4

Day 4 and I'm already behind schedule! Will have to do 3 tomorrow to catch up!

EDM #2 - Lamp
Our rental apartment came fully furnished and everything is the cheapest possible denominations from IKEA. Instead of choosing to draw the boring generic shade lamp in our bedroom I chose this monstrosity lurking in our lounge room. The drawing maybe looks alright to outsiders but I know how it looked at this perspective and this definitely ain't it. FAIL.

EDM #3 - Purse
My flatmate gave me this coin purse for my birthday this year and I haven't found an applicable use for it yet ... until now. I tried to do this one a bit faster and looser than the previous couple of challenges. My favourite drawing of this batch.

EDM #4 - Cup
Oh what would those orderly Swedes at IKEA say when they see these disastrous concentrics??? Although this is also from IKEA it didn't come with the flat, it was the first thing I bought when I moved to Melbourne 2 years ago. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cup because its about the size of my face. Who says size doesn't matter?
Black cup on (cheap and wobbly) black table. Oops. I blame the wobbliness of the drawing on the wobbly table ... yes ...

All in Bic Fine Biro and Derwent Studio Pencils


Laura McDowell said...

I absolutely love the perspective of the lamp! It is so original and interesting, very high impact.

Great job on your sketches, so far!

Don't get discouraged if you get behind...I am crazy behind :)

Can't wait to see more!

peachtreeart said...

I like your style!