Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Speed Painting 101

(If an hour and 10 minutes can be called 'speed' anything ...)

I've been excruciating negligent of all things creative and all things bloggy recently.
Inertia breeds inertia eternal.

I spend a lot of time websurfing and getting inspired by all kinds of artsy and craftsy sorts while at my job but once I get home all I can think about it the things that I can't do, the skills that I don't have. I see all this work by people my age or younger and feel that no matter how much work I put in I'll never get to a stage that I will be confident in my abilities or even mildly satisfied (and things like THIS make me excited as well as making me cry).

Such excuses. And so on and so forth.

I need to be a better drawer. I would love to have skills in painting and watercolour and be a well-rounded artist but the bottom line is that drawing is my strength and as it is, my skill is not good enough.

Having never gone to art school, the internet (and my partner!) are now my tutors. I need to work through values, colours, perspective. I need to understand how to transfer the image in my head onto paper or screen.

I need a good kick up the butt.

Trawling through CGTalk Forums I came across this tutorial which in turn resulted in this value study from a photo I took somewhere in Vietnam:

Photoshop CS2 with a Wacom Graphire 4.
(Click image to enlarge)

I am reasonably pleased with how it turned out (if we focus purely on the values and not on the perspective/proportions!) but I feel that it took me far too long to do ... I was going to render it properly but kinda lost the plot at this point so I had to let it go ...