Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Final Backgrounds for TV Comp

(Click images to enlarge)

Juan and I handed in our competition submission on Thursday but we have no idea when they announce the winners! Oh well ... wait and see ... wait and see ...
Here are the final backgrounds (I'm allowed to post the logo up right?) and they might look a little strange but they were used with a lot of panning hence the angle weirdnesses ...

This one was an outtake :( Took me a day and a bit!!! But I like it so I wanted to post it anyway. Ah the joys of editing a 7-second piece ... I might colour it with COLOUR and see if I can use it for something else ... Bonus points if anyone can guess where it is!


Rock Kyndl said...

I am a sucker for any work that has architecture as its 'structure' and this piece is especially appealing.
Nice work.

...and about being in a funk: how about not doing a single drawing since April? Your expression of your process in this regard is well-received by this chronic procrastinator.