Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Life Drawing - Class #5

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Final class! Sadness ...

Model was a toned 40-something male (with a ponytail!)

1) 30 second excercises
2) 2 minutes
3) 15 minutes
4) 10 minutes rotating (I was happy with the proportions of this one and when I saw the final product that everyone had worked on I was a little shocked at how the colours turned out ...)

And this is my final class drawing! I really like it despite the obvious issues with all the major appendages. I tried to work a bit faster so I would have time to add more than one colour which I'm always afraid of doing. (Notice the background is some sort of purple?)

Final reflections on the classes? Even though at first I thought 5 classes were not going to be enough, the improvement (I feel) I've made has surprised me a little but it was totally a case of getting frustrated by a wall for the first 3 weeks and then for some reason that wall just disappeared in the 4th class.
Now as I walk around I look at everything in terms of 'darkest' and 'lightest' (block it in! just BLOCK IT IN!!!) and I'm more appreciative of working in layers.

I'm still working on not always using the 'outline then colour it in' technique but being more comfortable with pens and ink, this is something that is really hard for me to let go of.
Plus, I still have major issues with concentrating too much on one area and not going for the bigger picture which is something I will try to work on now that I have big pieces of leftover paper lying around ...


Knitting Painter Woman said...

Isn't progress amazing? And unpredictable.
and if it's only the major appendages giving your problems, congratulations! I struggle with those AND the minor ones! lol

PamYla said...

Wow you have a lot of amazing work here!