Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life Drawing - Class #4

(Click image to enlarge)

Second last class!
I'd been doing a bit more drawing the last week than I had previously been doing (naughty!) and I think it showed. I felt really good in this class and everything kind of flowed. I'm not feeling as much frustration as I used to when something isn't turning out right, I'm beginning to realise creativity is more usually a case of 'working things out' (completing my Masters and finishing my graduate film was probably the biggest example for me of this) than simply being marvelously talented. Not that a little bit of talent wouldn't go astray ...

1) 2 minute warm ups
2) 15 minutes - I am quite happy with this one :)
3) 45 minutes - I REALLY like this one :D The arm started a little too long (which my tutor pointed out) but other than that, it was quite calming to render it out once the proportions were in.

One more class to go! And then I'm on my own!! EEK!