Monday, May 12, 2008

Flickr Mosaic - Purple

Heh. It was only a matter of time ...

I'm not sure where or when the Purple Obsession began but I don't remember a time it wasn't my favourite colour. It's hard not to love it yet so hard to see where the purples ends and the pinks begins.

A Purple sunrise or sunset will stop me in my tracks, but it will last only moments before the pinks and oranges take over.

Once upon a time it was the colour of nobility and Royalty. Now it is Passion and Spirituality.

In calmer moments, I tend towards the bluer, darker edges of tone, the lavevders, the mauves; in more emotional times the warmer and the redder, the violets and the amaranthine.

But never ever the magenta. That just hurts my eyes.

Purple is fun to wear and easy to match (blacks, blues, oranges, greens) and giving anything a purple hue makes it more mysterious, edgy, slightly offbeat.
Apparently if you wear Amethyst, you will facilitate your generosity and inspire creativity. If you are Feng Shui-ing your house, you should use it a meditative room.

Purple means Prince.

I ♥ Purple
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Tom said...

Hi Jo

Thank you so much for using one of my pictures in your mosaic. i don't think any one has done that before!

Love the blog!

Tom (aka daruma3)

anne m bray said...

here's to purple!
I just celebrated my b'day with a purple cake (ube) and ice cream...

and the jacarandas are blooming here in SoCal