Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flickr Mosaic - Cupcakes

Is there creativity in hoarding?

I really like cupcakes (both the making and the consumption of). Unfortunately, I hate fondant and therefore will never create any cakes as pretty as many of these. Obviously for me, good taste wins out over aesthetics (did you hear that Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within?).
Anyway, hopping on the Flickr mosaic wagon, and because I have nothing better to do at work, here is my first Flickr mosaic.

(Click link to view full image)
1. by Lovetobake 2. by Lovetobake 3. by Bahja 4. by creampuffsinvenice 5. by mushroom garden 6. by Tofu666 7. by Ouissi 8. by Lovetobake 9. by littlepretty 10. by ox3x3xo 11. by L C 12. by shutterbean 13. by A.S.I.N. 14. by 15. by ShamsD 16. by maitaimai99 17. by maitaimai99
18. by Jenniffer B 19. by momskitchen 20. by evan 이밴저린 21. by hazymat 22. by dots treats 23. by dots treats 24. by rob1out 25. by thesitedoc 26. by stefhope 27. by velouria! 28. by velouria! 29. by be cheery 30. by dots treats 31. by Lovetobake 32. by kylie lambert 33. by Carrie Taylor 34. by hello naomi 35. by hello naomi 36. by Trish CupcakeMomma