Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Doodle Dump

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I was going to do the 'Every Day In May' challenge that I heard about through the Everyday Matters group. Dismally failing due to the TV comp and helping out an ex-student on his AFC Film, this is the only page I managed to do!

Ears drawn in Bic biro from photo references.

And also some doodling during the last week at work. Is work is boring? Mine sure is!

(Enlarge this one for extra juicy goodness!)
Duck, robot ninja and penguin in Bic biro, all the rest in the other kind of office pen ink!!!

Final Backgrounds for TV Comp

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Juan and I handed in our competition submission on Thursday but we have no idea when they announce the winners! Oh well ... wait and see ... wait and see ...
Here are the final backgrounds (I'm allowed to post the logo up right?) and they might look a little strange but they were used with a lot of panning hence the angle weirdnesses ...

This one was an outtake :( Took me a day and a bit!!! But I like it so I wanted to post it anyway. Ah the joys of editing a 7-second piece ... I might colour it with COLOUR and see if I can use it for something else ... Bonus points if anyone can guess where it is!

Life Drawing - Class #5

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Final class! Sadness ...

Model was a toned 40-something male (with a ponytail!)

1) 30 second excercises
2) 2 minutes
3) 15 minutes
4) 10 minutes rotating (I was happy with the proportions of this one and when I saw the final product that everyone had worked on I was a little shocked at how the colours turned out ...)

And this is my final class drawing! I really like it despite the obvious issues with all the major appendages. I tried to work a bit faster so I would have time to add more than one colour which I'm always afraid of doing. (Notice the background is some sort of purple?)

Final reflections on the classes? Even though at first I thought 5 classes were not going to be enough, the improvement (I feel) I've made has surprised me a little but it was totally a case of getting frustrated by a wall for the first 3 weeks and then for some reason that wall just disappeared in the 4th class.
Now as I walk around I look at everything in terms of 'darkest' and 'lightest' (block it in! just BLOCK IT IN!!!) and I'm more appreciative of working in layers.

I'm still working on not always using the 'outline then colour it in' technique but being more comfortable with pens and ink, this is something that is really hard for me to let go of.
Plus, I still have major issues with concentrating too much on one area and not going for the bigger picture which is something I will try to work on now that I have big pieces of leftover paper lying around ...

Monday, May 12, 2008

Flickr Mosaic - Purple

Heh. It was only a matter of time ...

I'm not sure where or when the Purple Obsession began but I don't remember a time it wasn't my favourite colour. It's hard not to love it yet so hard to see where the purples ends and the pinks begins.

A Purple sunrise or sunset will stop me in my tracks, but it will last only moments before the pinks and oranges take over.

Once upon a time it was the colour of nobility and Royalty. Now it is Passion and Spirituality.

In calmer moments, I tend towards the bluer, darker edges of tone, the lavevders, the mauves; in more emotional times the warmer and the redder, the violets and the amaranthine.

But never ever the magenta. That just hurts my eyes.

Purple is fun to wear and easy to match (blacks, blues, oranges, greens) and giving anything a purple hue makes it more mysterious, edgy, slightly offbeat.
Apparently if you wear Amethyst, you will facilitate your generosity and inspire creativity. If you are Feng Shui-ing your house, you should use it a meditative room.

Purple means Prince.

I ♥ Purple
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1.by Rudy Neeser 2.by Limbo Poet 3.by maxivida 4.by viyh 5.by prinssessan 6.by La tartine gourmande 7.by willow_wil 8.by Brian Howell 9.by buddhasstyle 10.by bugsandfishes 11.by Sunshine Hanan 12.by -Sunny- 13.by Jesús Guzmán-Moya 14.by MaiKoh 15.by anzyAprico 16.by Andreas Reinhold 17.by BB27 18.by Stella Sphere 19.by biopot 20.by Caroline [F13] 21.by _Olia i klod 22.by amethyst_lake 23.by nyah74 24.by diegomccormick 25.by bratan 26.by K.Wright 27.by K.Wright 29. by K.Wright 28.by Michelle in Ireland 30.by Kaged Fish 31.by jefg99 32.by Manel ^ Urindar 33.by richies 34.by Toni_V 35.by Olivander 36.by daruma3

Friday, May 9, 2008


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My head is all full of stuff!!! Just STUFFED!!! Here are a couple of backgrounds I did for a rush animation Juan and I are making to enter a local TV competition.

Drawn in a relaxed fashion in Flash and rendered in Photoshop.
(The second one is not 100% finished just yet)

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Flickr Mosaic - Cupcakes

Is there creativity in hoarding?

I really like cupcakes (both the making and the consumption of). Unfortunately, I hate fondant and therefore will never create any cakes as pretty as many of these. Obviously for me, good taste wins out over aesthetics (did you hear that Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within?).
Anyway, hopping on the Flickr mosaic wagon, and because I have nothing better to do at work, here is my first Flickr mosaic.

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1. by Lovetobake 2. by Lovetobake 3. by Bahja 4. by creampuffsinvenice 5. by mushroom garden 6. by Tofu666 7. by Ouissi 8. by Lovetobake 9. by littlepretty 10. by ox3x3xo 11. by L C 12. by shutterbean 13. by A.S.I.N. 14. by sugar-skull.com 15. by ShamsD 16. by maitaimai99 17. by maitaimai99
18. by Jenniffer B 19. by momskitchen 20. by evan 이밴저린 21. by hazymat 22. by dots treats 23. by dots treats 24. by rob1out 25. by thesitedoc 26. by stefhope 27. by velouria! 28. by velouria! 29. by be cheery 30. by dots treats 31. by Lovetobake 32. by kylie lambert 33. by Carrie Taylor 34. by hello naomi 35. by hello naomi 36. by Trish CupcakeMomma

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Life Drawing - Class #4

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Second last class!
I'd been doing a bit more drawing the last week than I had previously been doing (naughty!) and I think it showed. I felt really good in this class and everything kind of flowed. I'm not feeling as much frustration as I used to when something isn't turning out right, I'm beginning to realise creativity is more usually a case of 'working things out' (completing my Masters and finishing my graduate film was probably the biggest example for me of this) than simply being marvelously talented. Not that a little bit of talent wouldn't go astray ...

1) 2 minute warm ups
2) 15 minutes - I am quite happy with this one :)
3) 45 minutes - I REALLY like this one :D The arm started a little too long (which my tutor pointed out) but other than that, it was quite calming to render it out once the proportions were in.

One more class to go! And then I'm on my own!! EEK!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life Drawing - Class #3

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Uh oh ... colour is introduced ... safe to say I was intimidated ...

Model was a skinny late 30s male.

1) 30 second warm ups
2) 2 minutes
3) 15 minutes (or was it 10?)
4) 10 minutes on each person's drawing
5) 45 minutes (it's hard to tell but there are 2 shades of blue pastel there! I was going to add some warm flesh-pink but I ran out of time)

Only 2 classes left! Makes me kind of sad ... but I can definitely feel a change in my thought process when I approach a drawing now ... I just need my technical skills to catch up with my thinking skills!!!

Illustration Friday - Wrinkles

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I found ANDREA JOSEPH'S sketch blog today and it's really inspired me to return to my strengths, namely MONOCHROME ink and pencil. Jo and colours is simply quite hazardous ...

So in a burst of inspired consumerism, I made a quick dash to Officeworks after work today to stock up on biros ... smells like high school ... 12 Bic Classic Fine Biros for only $5.35!

Nothing funny today except that I just can't resist a Sharpei!

Bic Fine Biro (Black)