Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life Drawing - Class #1

(Click image to enlarge)

Yesterday I went to my first of five tutored life-drawing class at CAE in Degraves Street (yoohoo! Art school!). The class was 8 students at all diffrent levels of drawing and ages (middle-aged "I've never drawn since high-school" to twenty-something art school attendees) which made me feel less self-conscious about it all. After the first half hour I was really having fun! :D

The model was a slim 20-something female.

Sketches below were in charcoal and white pastel.
1) 30 second poses
2) 2 minutes
3) 10 minutes
4) 10 minutes per drawing (we rotated drawings every 10 minutes ie each drawing was worked on by 5 different people)
5) 35 minutes (!!!)