Thursday, April 24, 2008

Illustration Friday - Primitive

I had big ideas involving Dinosaurs and Fine Dining for this topic but then time slipped away from me this week. So for your perusal, some experiments in gesture drawing using the amazing resources at Pose Maniacs. I tried to do the 30 second sets but it was just too hard so I started on the untimed poses. These probably took about 1 minute each. I experimented with a few different methods of construction ... then I got carried away by a new default brush I discovered in Photoshop that uses dual colours ...

Primitive indeed!



EEL said...

Did you draw these with your mouse?
They look great! I love the quick motion feeling, as if they are indeed setting themselves in different poses every few minutes. Nice work!

Jo Fong said...

And no, they are done with a Wacom Graphire 3 (6x8).
I would say kudos to anyone who would be able to draw with a mouse!