Monday, December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!

It's not that I meant to disappear from the blogging world, but 2 weeks in Sydney with parental care, endless gorging with friends and fam and shiny new toys does distract one somewhat. I did take my sketchbook with me but aside from one measly sketch at Melbourne Tullamarine airport whilst waiting for my flight, I drew nothing in the whole 2 weeks :(

I DID however, colour this drawing Juan made as our general Christmas e-card for everyone. Happy holidays people!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

First Urban Sketch and some Guy

Really want to get into everyday drawing and lose my fear of sketching in the great outdoors. Going on a 2 week xmas trip to Sydney to visit the parentals so will take my sketchbook along for the ride!

The left image is Albert Park where Juan plays football (or soccer to be 'stralian) most Sunday mornings and the right is another random guy culled from fashion blogs. I love the work of Laura Lane which inspires me to pay more attention to rendering fabric and other textures. I'm gonna try and slow down with these photo-reference drawings rather than trying to 'complete' them as if it were a race. This way I will be working on my speed and perception outdoors and my rendering indoors! Well, sounds good in theory ;)

Click image to enlarge
Ink, watercolour.
(The guy's not really that skewed, the photo is taken not directly front on oops)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Moly_X_Portrait_3: My First Entry (in my own Moly)

My entry for the Moly X Portrait Exchange. Hola penguino!!!

(Click image to enlarge)
Charcoal, pastel and graphite.

Even after reading Sara's entry on the group blog, I still felt compelled to use charcoal and pastels and pooft what a mess! Not only on the page but the table and the newspaper that covered it, the carpet, my pants and the moly's cover. Thankfully everything is pretty easy to wipe ;D
I also managed to restrain myself and not Photoshop my scan. I'd really have liked it to have been more saturated in reality.
I also wanted to test watercolour in my book before I ruined anyone else's and it appears that even a small amount of water bleeds through. Anyone have any way around this? Would a thin layor of gesso help?

Haven't drawn myself 'realistically' since a grade 7 or 8 assignment and that time I drew myself as a pre-schooler. I wonder if by the 15th iteration of my self-portrait it will start to look something similar to me.

Oh, and if you haven't heard: I REALLY like penguins.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Illustration Friday - Balloon

Deadlines are over so I thought I'd restart my weekly Illustration Friday illos.

Also today is Juan and I's 2 Year Anniversary. On a rooftop 2 years ago we had our first real conversation and as they say, the rest is history :)

This year (well mostly the last half of) has been exciting and scary and amazing. I feel we are on the verge of something special and its going to be spectacular.

Black Rollerball and Photoshop
Was going for a more naive aesthetic today ...

Love Me! (please?)

I entered the animation I made for my Master's degree into this little competition.

It's based on public votes so if you would be so kind as click below and sign up (takes 2 seconds) and vote for me I will petition the universe to rain cupcakes upon thee.

Promote this entry

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

People Exercises

Inspired by Danny Roberts' Character Sketchbook, I've decided to copy in the same vein and see if there's any improvement after 100 (or 200 or 300!!!) of these. I've been using photos from random fashion sites as references. I REALLY like #2. The other 2 are definitely examples of how far I have to go.

Sorry for horrible photos and my manky finger but my scanner can't handle fat books. I bought this particular ginormous blank hardcovered at Borders some years ago all inspired to fill it with a billion fantastic and perfect images (ha!) but quickly discovered it didn't take too well to anything remotely wet, everything bleeds through like crazy. So since it's not really good for much, I've decided to use it for these exercises which will also stop me from being so precious over my work.

Also, I'm partly inspired by this awesome fluoro 4-colour (purple, green, pink, blue) ballpoint I bought one day for no particular reason and have been trying to find a use for it - crazy Japanese fashion? Perfecto!

Click image to enlarge
Exp Fine Black Rollerball, Papermate 4Ball Fluoro Ballpoint and Derwent Studio Colour Pencils

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Another Screengrab

Today's shot:

Friday, November 28, 2008

Monster Bookswap

Spread 2 of Juan and I's bookswap :) His arm-y man on the left and my battle snail on the right.

(Click image to enlarge)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Work In Progess

So much for posting everyday ...

Here's some screengrabs of something I'm working on (deadline on Monday! eeps!). Hence the not posting ...
It's an intro sequence for a pilot of a music show.

(Click images to enlarge)
All Flash and Photoshoppery.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Here's my sign-in page for the moleskine portrait exchange (blogged HERE). Five days left to do my actual self-portrait eek!

Staedtler Pigment Pens

Saturday, November 22, 2008

EDM (Day 95) #10 & #11

Not too much to say except that I skipped #9 for now as 'organised chaos' intimidates me and my apartment is strangely neat and clean right now.

These were fast (10-15 minutes each), I just really wanted to get some 'real' sketching done. Once the next two CRAZY weeks are over (2 deadlines!) I want to start sketching outdoors despite being equal parts afraid and annoyed with the idea of people bothering me while I am drawing.
Also, I love my watercolour pencils. So mess free! (that's if you discount the errant purple dot underneath the glasses)

EDM#10 - Hands
Juan was watching "I, Robot" quite comfortably on the couch so I thought I would draw his pretty hands all folded together. But NO! A few seconds after I started the drawing he started playing with his Nintendo DS (that he won at the Out of Controller exhibition :D). So rather than tearing my hair out I kept drawing. Which explains the weird fingers coming out of the DS screen.

EDM#11 - Eye glasses
I've had glasses for a bit over a year now. Karma totally strikes back cos I used to make fun of my dad when he ate a bowl of noodles and they steamed up and he'd be pretty blind. I thought it was hilarious at the time. Now ... not so much ... they also fog up when I open the oven door without turning the fan off first.
Other than that, I really like them. I actually think I look rather strange without them now although they sort of take over if I try and wear eye makeup (which is very rarely anyway).
And of course, they are purple.

Bic biro (fine) and Derwent Watercolour pencils.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Further ink blot experiments. I'm don't seem to have as much fun drawing faces (which is to say I am no good at it which should actually mean I should stop trying to avoid it like a demon) as I do drawing critters.

Here I present for your observation a Spanish Sumo Catfish and a Coiffed Ba-Looper.
Obviously I did no research into what fish actually look like.

(Click image to enlarge)
Collage, watercolour, pigment markers and letter transfers.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doodle Blots

Blog resolution #92847
I'm-a-gunna try and blog everyday no matter how trivial/fugly/underdone my doodles may be.

Taking Judy's idea from my previous entry I started to explore the world of ink blot faces yesterday night in front of Survivor Micronesia (Fans vs Favourites ... I'm gunning for Ozzy). But then after a couple I decided I wanted to draw some critters instead. The bottom right is my favourite. His name is Stanley.

Watercolour, graphite and ink.

I will progress onto actually using watercolour paper soon instead of cheapy thin paper (the heads on top bled through THREE pages!). This looks like it could develop into an addiction.
Fun times!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Postcard Swap

After the bookswap fell through I joined a postcard swap! Much less time/commitment involved hehe
Here are the ones I've received so far (just waiting on one more!):

(Click image to enlarge)
Top row: Judy Beck Lobos and Libbi Corson
Bottom row: Kelly Anderson-Radcliff and Janet Burns

I'm totally gonna steal Judy's idea of ink splotch people. Looks fun and addictive and a great source of mischief! And I love the variety of colours in Kelly's pumpkins ... mmm pumpkins ... I wish Australia had a larger variety of pumpkins readily available. I would say the same for potatoes but I recently found a great potato vendor at the Queen Victoria Markets who even has a chart of the different kinds of potatoes he sells (about 15 different kinds on a good day). He is my new best friend :D

... But back to the postcards: here are mine all ready to go! Will post the actual cards on the blog once they have been received so as not to ruin any surprises ;-)
It's so nice getting snail mail that is not bills or electoral propaganda.

Thanks for the postcards girls! xx

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

New Hummingbird ACEOs in Shop

A couple of new pigment markers later and suddenly there were a couple of hummingbirds floating around my lounge room.

If you would like to give them a home, they are up for adoption at My Etsy Store (JoFoLand) EDIT: sold!!!

Elementary Experiments

Very elementary! The guy on the right I got inspiration from watching "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" oddly enough. The other is a cake/dessert from a photo somewhere on Flickr!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Skyline ACEOs in Shop

Made a set of black and white cityscapes - New York, London, Sydney - for the shop using some recently purchased pigment markers (my new best friends!). I was going to do Melbourne but couldn't find a nice photo of the skyline so reverted back to good ole Sydneytown.

I also received the box of 24 Derwent watercolours from eBay I've been waiting 3 weeks for (grrrrrr) and am experimenting with them joyfully! All the benefits of watercolour without all the tubs and tins and cleaning up and over squeezing paint onto the palette, it's a win-win for me as I have never been the greatest painter (colour mixing is just not in my bones). Be assured these experiments will most likely make an appearance in the shop soon :o)

All cards below are available for purchase individually at

Click image to enlarge

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Digital ACEOs

(Click images to enlarge)

Printed off and mounted some digital ACEOs today some of which are already listed in the ACEO (Prints) section of my Etsy Shop! The rest will be listed over the coming days. Enjoy!

AND my shop has reached 10 sales! :D A small feat but a double digit feat nonetheless *Happy Dance*

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Robot and Bird

Last week's topic for Monday Artday! Whoops!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Etsy Banners

Thought I'd dust off my graphic design skills and open a small graphicy designy section in my little Etsy shop. Started with a cheap banner and avatar deal to help out some fellow Etsians (3 deals sold in one day! Boo-yeah!).
Created a couple today for Baboom and Lace and Links with some nice responses from them both. Beats corporate clients anyday! (But don't tell them that ... oops)

SOOOOO ... if anyone needs some banners for their blogs or websites or other random graphicy bits on the cheap (logos, business cards or whatnot) come and visit my shop: or leave a comment down below! :D

Click image to enlarge

Monday, October 20, 2008


*sigh* The bookswap group has imploded for one reason or another so rather than letting the book go to waste, Juan and I are going to swap the book between ourselves! My first page shows my general feelings about what happened to the bookswap: GARGH!!!

Derwent pencils on Fabriano watercolour paper.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

So Berry Sweet

Messing around with gradient meshes in Illustrator. Be gentle ... it's my ... second time ...
I was looking for fresh juice at lunch today but at $5.50 for an orange juice I opted for a 'Fruit Cup' which was raspberries and other berries whizzed with OJ. Tastiness on a 31C day. That's my explanation for the subject. No excuses for the pun ... I'm sorry ...

Click image to enlarge.
Messing around in Illustrator

Friday, October 17, 2008

"Cuando Ries" Video

Finished this a while ago but haven't uploaded it until now! Music video for Sismo, a supercool Colombian band! Enjoy!

EDIT: Oops! I should mention that Juan did most of the animating! I did the jellyfish and some backgrounds mostly (especially the water ... oh the water!!!) :)

EDM (Day 60) #7 & #8

Day 60? 60?!?!?! Ah well ... as long as I don't stop entirely ... *sheepish* ...
These ones were 'fast', about 20 minutes each.

EDM #7 - Bottle, tin or jar.
This is the candy jar that lives on the coffee table. Looking sadly depleted at the moment ...

EDM #8 - Jewelry
My favourite wrist cuff in the whole world combining 2 of my favourite things: stars and purple!
I bought it in Hong Kong in 2000 (my first time back since my family emigrated to Oz in 1983) and it was also my first O/S trip alone. I think it was 15HKD which was about ... 4AUD back then :D.
Probably a little too pop punk/emo for me these days but I still bring it out for a bit of air sometimes.

(Click image to enlarge)
Bic Black Biro, Derwent Studio Pencils

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Illustration Friday - Strings

Mr Avocado's laces came undone and he knew not what to do for he had no hands.

Super fast in Photoshop

Um ... sometimes I get an idea and run with it ...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Black and White ACEOs

A new direction! Gonna try out a few different styles in the shop ... I'm on fire LOL! I love the size of these cards, it's not as intimidating as a big bad blank white page ...

As always listed and up for sale individually at: :D

Click image to enlarge

Monday, October 13, 2008

New Bird ACEOs in Shop

This will be the last of these birdies for a while I think! The one in the middle is my favourite as it is my two most favourite things on the one card!: penguins and cupcakes!

As always, listed and ready for you to take home at: :D

I've also offered FREE POSTAGE on all my items for Australians who pay me via bank deposit. Take advantage while I'm feeling patriotic!

Click image to enlarge

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bookswap Book

I just joined an art book swap via the EDM group and finished making my book last night :) I haven't made a book in about 5 years so this didn't turn out too badly even though I skimped on the covers and covering (the brown paper was wrapped around my watercolour paper by the art shop woman). Very primary school looking ... The next book I make I'll do it properly ... I discovered a REALLY awesome paper/bookbinding store a couple of months back when my Sydney friends were in town: Zetta Florence *drool*

In the back we are to put an envelop for people to stick in random ephemera from their town (3 Aussies and 4 Americans are in the swap at this point) so to continue the theme I used more of that brown wrapping paper :) Waste not ...

Not quite as pretty and professional as Jen's but hopefully will be functional enough to be mailed 7 times ...

(Click image to enlarge)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New Bird ACEOs in Shop

All my previous ACEOs have sold! I have to say I was not expecting such a cool response! Thank you to everyone who has made my day(s) full of happy dancing!

I've added the following sleepy birdie/penguins to my shop ( just now ... which is looking rather sparse at the moment! Will hopefully make another three today! I like doing things in three's hehe

(Click image to enlarge)

Sunday, October 5, 2008


First sale on Etsy!!! *** Happy Dance!!! ***

Now to fill up my shop again!!! :D

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Illustration Friday - Packed

Hermit crabs are the ultimate backpackers always ready to go!

(Click image to enlarge)

Playing with brushes in Photoshop ... err ... could be better but I got a bit bored ...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Etsy Shop Updated - New ACEOs

I added a series of the 'camera pets' ACEOs to my Etsy shop: There's one cat and two dogs (puppies!) as per below! EDIT: Pets below have been sold! :)

I also changed some prices around and trawled through Australia Post's website last night so the postage prices are more accurate :) I also added the Huggy Birds illo as a limited edition giclee print. Enjoy!

(Click image to enlarge)

Friday, September 26, 2008

New ACEO - Kamera Kat

DefaultArtist over at Shuttercal gave me the idea to make some characters out of cameras. Ask and you shall receive!!!
(I will put this one in the shop once I have a couple of friends to go with it :D)

Collage, pencil, biro and letter transfer.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Etsy Shop Now OPEN!!!

FINALLY, I set up my Etsy Shop and it is now open for business!!! Click the gadget in my profile bar on the right to check it out. It will house all my prints and original art (including ACEOs) as I try to make some grocery money from what I love to do most: DOODLE!

I've been wanting to set up a shop for months now and my procrastination has finally come to an end and my art is now up for sale. Have a look now and if you have the means, please make a donation to my 'Beans on Toast' fund :)

First things up for sale are these orignal ACEOs (not prints!) I made inspired by the lovebirds I made a few days ago. Edit: SOLD!!!
(And there also limited prints of the puddle jumper I made for my own amusment a couple of weeks back).

(Click image to enlarge)
Collage, pencil, biro.

I'm excited!
Much love to ya'll!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Illustration Friday - Clique

A clique ... of two ... too sappy?

EDIT: Thanks for the comments! I have now put this up on my RedBubble site and Etsy Shop to be purchased as a card or print.

(Click image to enlarge)
Illustrator and Photoshop.

People Exercises

More people and bits of people culled from fashion blogs. The last one I did in Biro instead of ink but I think I like the BLACK black of ink better. I also tried not to cut the feet off by starting from the bottom but ended up monging up her head. C'est la vie! And the third one is Erin Wasson so the bobble-head is not my mistake, that's actually what she looks like (... is that getting personal? Fine, she doesn't look like that and she is very original and creative as well okay?).

I have a very short attention span and already find myself getting bored doing these. But I want to gain some patience and discipline so I'll stick with doing these for a while (or at least until I finish this sketchbook! only 10 or so pages left HA!).

(Click image to enlarge)
Pencil, Bic Biro, Black Rollerball and Derwent Studios.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fashion-y Peoples

I hate drawing real people. And as I said before, I hate making messes of my sketchbook pages. What to do but tackle both of these complexes with one stone???

Right now I'm in love with the work of Igor+Andre, a super talented illustrator (who is like 4 years younger than me!!! ARGH!!!) from across the Pacific.
Taking a cue from his fashion obsession, I'm doing quick(ish) sketches of people culled from random fashion blogs I stumbled across when I was getting paid to surf the internet. Each of these images I sketched out in pencil, then added ink and then coloured over in Derwents. Overall the process seems to take about 40 minutes at A5 size (the scribbles in the top left corners are my nerd calculations), I can't seem to do it any faster than that even though I'm trying to work as loose as I can.

Below are my first three experiments. I feel this style (loose, dynamic, slightly messy) with a little more refinement is more representative of MY style which I'm still trying to figure out. Illustrators are more marketable if they can be easily categorised yes? But then I like cutesy, pretty, silly, cartoony stuff too hmmm ...

From the left:
Experiment #1: Facial disaster! Rather overzealous with the pen ...
Experiment #2: My fav of this bunch.
Experiment #3: What? A man? With a pinhead? You jest!

(Click image to enlarge)
HB Pencil, Black Rollerball, Derwent Studio Pencils.

Well as long as no more turn out like the first axe murderer/cannibal I think I could grow to like this enough to make it a regular drawing exercise.

Illustration Friday - Island

No man is an island.
But what about a lazy pig adrift?

Quickie in Photoshop

Probably needs a background ... any suggestions?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

EDM (Day 26) - #5 & #6

(Click images to enlarge)

6 challenges in 26 days? Oops :P

EDM #5 - My Bed
Going for a looser drawing. Put this off for ages because fabric folds intimidate me (and drawing a made bed would just be too easy! Not to mention extremely staged since we make our bed about once a month ...). Scaling and angles went a bit crazy the further the sheets were from me (yes, I was lying in bed! Any excuse really!). My excuse is that I'm not supposed to wear my glasses for close things (reading, computer work) but I can't see far away enough to draw from life! Yes ...

EDM# 6 - Well-loved object
Took me a while to think of what to draw as I don't have any childhood things lying around this rental apartment. Finally I decided on the oven mitt which has been one of the most useful purchases I've made for this household! So far I think this is my favourite EDM Challenge sketch, I quite like how the shading turned out. Ah Progess, nice to meet you.

And a little something extra: I'm a little too precious with my blank pages, I want everything to be a masterpiece and haven't quite come to terms with the meaning of a 'SKETCHbook'. So I went for a superfast explosion of people I liked on The Sartorialist. I chose them mostly because of something in their expression. I really like his photos too :) although I am the furthest from fashion conscious a person can possibly be.

Happy drawing everyone!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Jumping in Puddles

Had this girl in my head for a while, thought I'd finally finish her today.

EDIT: Now available as a limited edition digital print at my Etsy Shop :) Click here to purchase.

(Click image to enlarge)
Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop

Thursday, September 11, 2008

CGTalk DSF - Stargazer

The quality of stuff on CGTalk is so insane it's intimidated me to not participate pretty much every day I lurk there. But everyone must start somewhere and I really need to stop this laziness.
I'm still very iffy with starting from scratch in Photoshop. I still feel I would have more control with pen and paper. So what else is there but practise practise practise!!! (When will I learn?)

I tried more for atmosphere in this one. Other than the idea, there is nothing else that I like about this - the background is too unclarified and his legs and feet are simply bizarre.

(Click to enlarge)
Photoshop in about 40 mins.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Out of Controller Exhibition

(Click images to enlarge)

Was the Out of Controller exhibition opening at FAD Gallery last night! Was VERY hot and the quality of the works was a little 50/50 but it was a bit of a kick to see an image of mine framed and on a wall! My illustration is priced at $600 (!!!) so if anyone is in Melbourne and wants to help me make up the cost of framing and entry I would be very grateful hahaha ... no ... really ...

Juan's piece won 3rd Prize!!! Therefore we now have a Nintendo DS in da house!!! Oh yeah! It came with all the accessories as well including the Mario lunch box travel pack and a total of 8 styluses. Go Juan!!!

And as a final hurrah, we also won a Mario kite as a door prize which is awesome as I've never flown a kite before and it's high time I think I did ... now just to find some wind.

Exhibition info (Juan's and my names are in the 2nd column :). My piece amongst the others (Bottom centre with a big head in front of it). Juan's piece among others (top right).

Me and my illustration. Me and Yoshi :). Juan and LOADS of swag hahaha.

Until the next competition!!!