Friday, October 12, 2007

Major Project - Day 94 - Onward March!

Backgrounds have started to be dropped in and everything is starting to look much more exciting! Stills abound:

Still an intimidating amount of work to be done over the next 30 or so days but I'm taking the last two weeks off work (yay data entry ...) so as to fully concentrate on my studies. I also think I will start drinking coffee (blergh). BLACK. Perhaps.

Aarthi told me that our Tropfest entry "Eyes Wide Open" was a featured video on YouTube and has now had 30,000+ hits. Go the internet exposure!!! Click here for a lookie lookie. If you go through the comments, there's one saying "2:16 has to be the funniest part" which is the scene with the kids at the crossing WHICH IS THE SCENE THAT I DID all on my lonesome. Gotta love the validation.