Monday, September 17, 2007

Major Project - Day 69 - Animatic

Errr ... obviously a very long break between posts about my project. This reflects a COMPLETE overhaul of concept resulting in a total of not three, not four but FIVE versions of the animatic. The final is shown below which I am much happier with (damn those tutors for being so correct!!!), a much tighter story overall, better flow and pacing, much less repetition and better application of 'cinematic language' (apparently).
If you look at the script vs. this animatic you'll see how far I've come concept-wise!!! Ah bless the learning curve ...

(yes, it's dodgy quality but it's the first vid I've successfully loaded onto YouTube! Bite Me!)

So after the jubilation - and trust me, there was jubilation - felt after completion of the animatic, I made shot lists, production schedules and created a character design which Juan has lovingly offered to model in 3D to avoid me having to repaint different angles of sweet little Cornelius.
Say Hullo to Cornelius!!! (With a rough colour and Corel Painter test on the right).

Hopefully more frequent production updates now that Madhouse Inc. has begun to churn!!!